March 2020

          "We just celebrated Rocket's 1st birthday on January 18th, ( parents Zorra & Leo) and it has been a joy having him these last 10 months! He is a beautiful smart dog and we are so glad we went to Helensberg to get him. Helensberg still keeps in touch with us today and they were very considerate to let us in their home and see all the dogs prior to getting Rocket. This is their passion and it shows."

                                                                           Stephanie   Howard ( Charleston, SC)

September 2018

          “We got Copper in September 2018 from Helensberg German Shepherds.  Copper is now 10 months old.  He is a wonderful German Shepherd dog!  He has a very mellow temperament, very affectionate, and a typical puppy personality for his age.  He immediately took to our family!!  We have two small children and a cat, and he is wonderful with all of them.  Immediately once Copper was born, he was exposed to small children, and other animals in a loving environment at Oksana and Slavik’s farm.  This helped immensely with his transition to our family.  We could not be happier with our experience of buying Copper from Oksana and Slavik!  I highly recommend them, and we will definitely use them in the future for buying german shepherds for our family.”    


                                                ~ Stephanie   (Seattle, Wa)

January 2019

I am So Happy with Helensberg’s German Shepherds! I initially met Oksana and Slavic when my sister purchased her pup in 2017. It was immediately obvious that their dogs and puppies are very well cared for. After meeting them I knew that I had to have one of their puppies. I finally got my baby girl a little over a month ago (Jan 2019). Xena, Sire: Leo, Dam: Dafi,  has been an amazing addition to my family. She has a great temperament, is extremely smart, and is great with kids and animals.  She impresses everyone she meets and makes me look like an amazing dog owner! She impressed our friends so much they will be adding one of Oksana and Slavic’s pups to their family later this month! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Helensberg German Shepherds to anyone looking for a GSD, they know what they are doing and give their pups a great start in life.

Thank you Svistun Family! We could not be happier with our new pup!


                                         ~  Andrea Vallejo ( Olympia, Wa )

January 2019

       We were greeted by a wonderful family who definitely knows their GSD. After visiting their farm and meeting our new family member, Oksana kept in touch to let us know Lorenzo’s progress as well as pictures of him. She made us feel comfortable with knowing that she and her husband are knowledgeable and available for any questions. As far as our GSD we’re absolutely happy: his mom and dad look great and very well cared for. Thanks to the Svistun family we have a wonderful pet and family member!


                                                            ~ Vincent  & Rebecca (Puyallup, Wa)

October 2018

          We recently purchased a new family member, (parents Zora & Leo) from Helensberg German Shepherds in Vancouver, Washington. Everywhere we go people stop us and ask to pet her.  She is stunning with her markings and a quite calm for a ten weeks old puppy.  We could not be more pleased with our new Shepherd.  She was raised among eleven children and does not jump as much as most puppies.     I would heartedly recommend this family business to anyone.   They truly care for the animals.


                                    ~ Richard (Maple   Valley, Wa)

September  2018

          I had amazing experience getting my little girl Blue (parents Lada & Leo) from Oksana and Slavik. When I first messaged them, they quickly responded, and gave me their number to give them a call.  When we talked they were very kind and answered any questions I had. They also told me that I could come and visit them any time.  They genuinely love and care for their dogs, and want them going to good homes. Their puppies are raised among 10 children who are hands-on with the puppies. It was something I was looking for sing Blue will be a therapy dog in the future and will be around lots of kids, SHe has already changed my life with the amount of love and laughs she gives every day. If you are looking to get a German Shepherd you should definitely contact Oksana and  Slavik. I highly recommend Helensberg German Shepherds!

                                                    ~ Samantha (Bothell, Wa)

August 2018

    Khal is the greatest!   He is just over 4 months and has been such an awesome dog from the start.  Very responsive, intelligent, playful, calm-all the traits you look for in a new little one you bring home!  We can’t go anywhere without being stopped by onlookers to say hello. He is a handsome pup and friendly. I had been thinking of getting a puppy since January 2018 (we brought Khal home in August 2018). Oksana was patient and helpful with all questions that I had along the way. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a GSD. Her dogs are the best around! 

                                                    ~ Kate (Tacoma, Wa)

Meet Senta (sires Rex and Hessel) and Ryder (sires Max and Lada) who are a week apart in age.  They recently turned 1 year old. Oksana and Slavik were so helpful in talking with us and letting us meet Hessel and Lada beforehand.  When we came to pick out our puppies they welcomed us into their home and it was so nice to see their children were also so hands-on with the puppies.  The puppies were getting lots of attention. I have talked with and sent updates to Oksana over the last year. Senta and Ryder are best buddies and are happy and healthy.  I highly recommend Helensberg German Shepherds.


                                                                                ~ Lisa & Mike

"Kodiak Budda (Ladda & Leo) has been the best choice I've made in the last 5 years.    After having a major brain rupture, he is my blessing in so many ways. Kodiak has been spectacular training from potty, no kitchen, couches or beds. And the best ...he knows how to make me laugh and exercise with some of the best things in life... I love Kodiak with all my heart. The loving family of the Helensberg German Shepherd Kennel is a blessing every moment in others happiness and lives.   They are there anytime for questions and smiles... I miss visiting with them all... I might have to go look for a cousin for Kodiak from the best of the best German Shepherds. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and brain."                                         

                                                                                          -Tricia   (Salem, OR)

"Purchasing a puppy from Slavik and Oksana was such an amazing experience. I grew up with German Shepherds but I would be raising my puppy by myself, therefore I was quite nervous. When I first reached out to Slavik and Oksana they were timely with their responses and very accomodating when it came to making time to meet the pups. I brought home Secret and she is the most loving dog anyone could ever ask for. After our first week together Oksana reached out to check in, and that says a lot about a breeder, she took the time to show that she cares about the pups and their well being even after leaving her home. She even offered to for me to join her to take Secret to the vet the day I picked her up to do a health check together. Oksana and Slavik are definitely invested in their pups. I recommend her to anyone in search a German Shepherd puppy. "

- Victoria Williams, MBA, MA

"Slavik and Oksana were very fast to reply to any question we had during the process. They also opened up their home to let us meet the puppies before choosing our Remy. Our puppy is smart, well mannered, medium length hair and adorable. Slavik and Oksana gave us great advice since we are first time fur parents, and we are so glad we got our puppy from them. Highly recommend Helensberg German Shepherd! "

  - Rebeca & Cory

"I love my puppy he is so sweet:-) I named him Klaus ( Dafi & Leo). I wanted a German name but it's kinda funny I didn't realize that in English it means Nicholas and that my brothers name.

I just want to thank you guys, Klaus is an amazing dog. Very smart sweet and adorable everyone loves him. I will definitely tell my friends if they want a German Shepherd to go to you guys. Thank you again for coming to Olympia."  

                                                                                                                             - James & Klaus

"I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your pup, now 10 months old, and the care you put into breeding and raising him. Klaus Von Werner (Hessel Vom Acelin x Jakari v Temar) is an adorable boy, so much so that today, while working on a project in my driveway, I had people stopping in the street to get out of their cars just to pet him. He has a wonderful temperament - kind and happy - and he LOVES children, dogs, and people. He is my buddy and is always by my side."                                         - Jayne & Klaus 10 mo 

Two years ago our family adopted a female German Shepherd

puppy from a great family!! We named her Rey!   She had a delightful temperament, was calm,   good with young children-and loyal! These traits only grew stronger as she got older!! We enrolled her in obedient classes, and she is obedient,  follows many commands,   protects  our family-guards our children-and has so much fun on our property.   We can't imagine life without her in it!!   She has blessed  us with   her   personality, loyalty, and love!!!     I   highly   recommend Helensberg German Shepherds, if you are considering adding a German Shepherd to your   family!!     There   puppies are high-,   quality, and as seen with our   own girl,    they   are obedient, and true companions!

                                                                                                    -Kecia Walker, (Corbett, Or)

“Today is our puppy's 1st birthday!! We love him so much!! His name is "Gus" and he is an absolute joy to our family. "

This puppy from Dafi & Rex.                                      - Kim

“Thank you for all the care and knowledge you have put into your breeding program, it has truly been a blessing! Tobias (Igo Sadeckie Lachy X Hessel Vom Acelin in 2015) has one of the best personalities I could have asked for. He’s laid back with a happy go lucky personality, he’s social, friendly, personable, very smart, loyal, protective and you can’t get him out of the water! He has been so easy to train and has been a wonderful addition to our family. At 1.5 years old he has finally grown out of his awkward teen body into a quite the handsome young man. Thank you!”

                                                - Kilynn Heinrichs

  Phone: (864)764-4356


  We are located in Chesnee, SC, Spartanburg County. 

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